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Well hello :)

Haven't updated in a little while out of sheer laziness, and even now I can't be all that bothered lol.

Had toothache allll weekend but is starting to go away now :):) so hoping i dont need to visit the dentist D: hate dentist.
Meant to be in college at one today but Lisa called me up this morning crying really upset about something so shes coming here to talk and i'm gonna make her some lunch.

So far since I got up ive watched will and grace and shamelessly had a wee dance about the house to music channels :$

started that diet my mum done today, will try keep record of it in here, see how much i lose.. tis only a week long. (my mum lost 10pounds in one week:P) 
need to go do some exercise before lisa gets here, jump on the bike etc.

but yeah main point of this post is to record my weight at start of the week so i dont forget, then next monday ill report back on what i lost :) Wish me luck!

So start of the week and i weigh 142pounds (Y) 

tata for now
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Yesterday was pretty uneventful.  Got bored so moved my bed in my room, then tided out my wardrobe.

My mum got her new car, so out of sheer boredom we went to tesco.  Just my lucky that I bumped into someone I havent seen in years whilst I look a riot. (Y) That'll teach me not to make some form of effort haha.

Had an early night, sort of... got to sleep about half 12 only to wake up again at half 2 and not get back to sleep again until half five. :(
Although lucky for me i actually had people start texting me during that time, so i had people to talk to for a good while :).

Today so far hasnt been very productive, have half made plans to go out to the pub for a bit with Rachael, and I've been to the shops and back to buy cigarettes for the old man downstairs from me;  he came to the door earlier and got such a fright when i answered.  Poor old sod hadnt actually met me until then, i find it sort of amusing that i went to buy him cigarettes, when im usually the one who serves him his cigs. (although i dont think he actually realised this!)

Sorted out what i'm wearing tonight, purple dress <3 love it. just got to straighten my hair and ill be all set to go out.. even though we arent meeting til about six. jeez, im bored :/

working at 8am tomorrow so definetly not a late night tonight or i'll be dyingg at biffy clyro tomorrow!

i've kicked a bad habit recently, and stopped biting my nails >< so far gone about.. a week without doing it? which is good for me because i usually find myself doing it when nervous/anxious about something. Hm.


anyway, off to talk to my mum and then continue getting ready.


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Now that the weekends over I can finally have a day of rest to catch up on sleep!

Well, sort of... Slept from about 12 til 11, so I'd say thats about enough sleep for now.


Not too sure what my plans for today are, I was thinking maybe I'd make a start on my project for college. Y'know do something productive...
But I think I'll probably just leave that to later on tonight unless something more interesting happens (which i doubt)

My mum's away to the bank etc to see about getting herself a new car, since John got to keep the alfa  when they split up.  Sucks a bit but she needs the car so she can take more work off this bus company in east kilbride.


Things are quite good just now, I have no complains apart from a bit of a stuffy nose but i can suffer that so long as it doesnt develop into the cold or anything.  

Biffy Clyro this weekend, can't wait! Hopefully this will cheer Collette up since after that weekend she had was a bit of  a flop she feels rubbish.

Almost christmas, I've not been given any overtime in work for over the holidays so i predict me running out of things to amuse myself with very soon.  I do however still need to get in some presents.  online shopping I think, since friends presents are looking to just be gig tickets... tbf thats all i'm gettin off them haha. :) 

Better go now, give my room a wee spring clean and have a shower.




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This site never fails to make me feel slightly nostalgic. :)

reading old entries can 9 times out of 10 put a smile on my face.


I need a night out with wee lauren. NEED one :) miss herrr.

going to try my best to keep this updated. since im always doing something ha



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once again it has been far too long since my last update.
decided to update because me and lizanne were having a right good chat earlier on and realised we both have a LJ.

download was amazing to be perfectly honest, i think it gets better every year.
spent the whole time with my girls and liam spent every time in my tent with me, we're officially going out now which i really didnt think would happen, i was honestly to scared to even give this a shot because of the huge distance between us.  but he really is the most genuinly nice guy ive ever met. and i know he'll make this work, even if i fail miserably at times.

he was up for a few days there, and it was great. :) i think my mum and john liked him so thats a bonus haha, im going down there on tuesday, sooo scared to meet his mum and all his friends. ><

im so tired, ill update again soon, i swear :$

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So its June! 
The month of the year I was so looking forward to, and you know what. Its been everything I wanted it to be. 
Download was just amazing, I miss the fun and the banter. I miss team biffy/battery/whitey GRAAAAN.
I actually think this years download topped last years.
My mums in Cyprus right now and its been so much fun living myself. Well Collette has been here the majority of the time.
Right now her, Allen (they got back together :) ) and craig are sitting with me watching the girl next door. 

Everything is great right now, I had a little read over my most recent updates and a few things have changed. I like someone new, but its not going anywhere, and dont think it will.  The old person I liked ive come to realise we're better just friends and im thankful to have him.

My friends are amazing although sometimes some can take advantage and be bastards for no reason.
ie, inviting people to my house and saying they have to leave when i go to work but they just dingy that i said it and stay three hours after ive left, use my shower and jump about my house like twats when im not in. And spill juice on my plug socket things. RAGE.

Anyway life is fine, summer will be great and after summer i am going to do hairdressing and i'll do your hair ;) 


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I'm in the mood to update this bad boy again.
Not that I have much to write about to be honest.

I am so looking forward to June this year, 

Download and then Collette is coming to stay with me for two weeks while my mum and john are on holiday. 
Its going to be so good, food shopping, doing laundry and getting pissed in "our own wee house" haha.


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See now to be honest, I really need to start doing more things during the week.  I  normally just do the same things and its going to start getting boring and then I'll have nothing to do!

Basically this week I - got my hair done, workworkwork, Enter Shikari gig & Cahouse on Thursday.

Highlight of my week was of course me and Collette deciding to go to Asda at 1am after the Enter Shikari gig buying 4 big bags of Doritos and dip then her staying here and whipping dip on my face. EW. haha.

Today, I don't actually know my plans..I think Andrew wants to go out tonight? I was meant to go with Collette to get a tattoo but I'm sure shes still a sleep considering the lack of text message from her. 

Hm, so quiz I stole from Laureney? I think so..

Collapse )

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Claire got dumped.
 Well, sort of, kinda of...I dunno.

I pretty much did, and I'm VERY gutted about it, but I do know its for the best.
Going a month without seeing him was a bit of a joke. 
And knowing we're still friends is good. 

And his plans for my birthday lol :] What is he like?!

But yeah. I stick to what I said the first night I seen him when we started going out. 

something along these lines....
"If this all goes arse up will you need to promise you'll still be my friend"
"obviously, like am that daft, I promise.."

And I'm going to stick to not being that daft. :] I dont break promises.